Have you ever wondered how a rocket gains its ability to launch and travel to distant  planets? Aside from its sleek aerodynamics and great crew of astronauts manning the ship, rockets are fueled by liquid oxygen and hydrogen. Like rockets, your body needs vital nutrients to launch each and every day.   All humans beings need vitamins, minerals, protein and carbohydrates to grow healthy minds and bodies. Did you know that every single day your body works on your behalf to grow bigger and stronger? It also repairs itself! How amazing is that? Have you ever seen a friend with a broken arm and then weeks later, the cast is gone and they’re running around as though nothing has ever happened? That’s a great example of how the body repairs itself! The body is so fascinating that millions of people from all over the world from Doctors to Scientists dedicate their entire lives studying it so they can heal others.


Great athletes rely on a highly nutritious diet to give them wings to fly. Think about it this way – the healthier you eat the stronger you are and the more amazing things your body can accomplish. Ask any athlete and they will share their own unique secrets for taking in the most nutritious packed foods to keep their minds and bodies sharp and focused so they can avoid injury and achieve great feats!  From easy-to-make muffins, bars, smoothies, salads, wraps, and cookies made from vegetables and organic fruits, they fuel their body so it gets exactly what it needs at exactly the right moment!  Organic meat is okay, but in moderation. Food and nutrients make a difference in your body.


Start your day with a healthy breakfast that includes a protein, fruit and a whole grain. Soy or other organic powdered protein powders are great for smoothies. Experiment with fruits and vegetables. Fill your plate with them! Eat fresh foods that don’t come from a box! Avoid canned sodas and juices – instead drink a lot of water!  Choose organic vegetables, fish, meat, eggs, and whole grains. Try to avoid candies and high sugar foods which make you crash and burn! Your body runs on the fuel it gets from what you eat. If it doesn’t get the right kind of fuel then it doesn’t work very well or, like your car, it could break down. When you have a sweet tooth, reach for a smoothie or a banana with a bit of almond butter and honey.  If you’re feeling a bit sluggish or tired, choose a bit of protein such as cheese. If you would like to eat healthier and try new recipes, go on the internet and search “healthy kid’s recipes.” Be your own body’s astronaut and man your ship! Happy eating –  I’m off to make a smoothie!