Exercise keeps us strong and helps our sense of balance. Exercise matters because it makes you feel good on the outside as well as on the inside! When we exercise, our body flushes out things that may otherwise get stuck inside. Think of exercise as a running stream. Good circulation is necessary for a healthy body—good circulation of energy, oxygen, fluids, and blood. Exercise releases chemicals in your body called endorphins.  Think of endorphins like dolphins leaping from the water! They’re like our own personal happy buttons! Exercise sends nutrient-carrying blood to places where it normally would not go. Science now tells us that sitting at a desk all day is worse than smoking a pack of cigarettes!  People from Sardinia, known as Sardinians are among the longest living people on earth! These happy folk typically walk or hike 7-8 miles a day… even after age 100! Most of us don’t even move that much in a week!


Excellent question!  Is there a friend or family member who is really great at something like tennis, running or swimming? Why not ask them to teach you? Riding horses is also great exercise! What is it you really love to do? Pick something and take baby steps. If you stick to it, you will be super proud of yourself. Here are some other ways to get healthy!

  • Plan a fun hike with your family and friends.
  • Take long walks or go for a run on the beach.
  • Ride your bike.
  • Find a local track in your neighborhood and practice running on it. Start with one loop and increase it weekly!
  • Whenever anyone asks you to exercise, say YES! Even if you’ve never done it before.

See you later – I think I’ll go for a swim!