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Teeth have a way of making any joke funny when they accompany a smile. For something that sits so still in your mouth, they can be quite funny! One time I hid tic tacs under my pillowcase to trick the tooth fairy. My mother didn’t think that was very funny. The one thing that’s not funny when it comes to teeth –  is a toothache!  It’s especially not funny when it happens on a Sunday and the dentist’s office is closed. Taking care of your teeth is a great way to prevent this from happening.


A cavity develops when a tooth decays and breaks down and creates a crack or hole. The worst thing you can do is fill it with sugar. Foods like candy don’t always play nice with our teeth. The bacteria in our mouth then attacks it and that’s how the cavity is formed! The stickier the candy, the worse it tends to be for your teeth!  Extra-chewy candies stick to the teeth for a very long time and the cavity will grow bigger and bigger until the mighty TOOTHACHE appears!


Cavities have to be fixed by a dentist. During the exam, your dentist will check all of your teeth for cavities. If you have one, they will fill it and it usually doesn’t hurt. The dentist or hygienist will then give the teeth a good cleaning. He or she will also teach you how to brush correctly and care for your teeth. Most times when you leave, they send you home with a new toothbrush and floss! My dentist told me the best way to take care of my teeth is to floss every day and brush my teeth after every meal, or at least twice a day and try to avoid sugary foods and drinks, like candy and soda. It’s good to go see your dentist every six months for regular checkups. This way if you he or she spots a cavity, he can fill it quickly and send you on your merry way – pain free! Keep smiling!