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Our heart is an organ, like the one you play, it has strings, channels and chambers. The heart’s strings are called strands, and they connect our cells and brain like a musical instrument! The most beautiful thing about our heart is that it is the place where we experience all our feelings such as happiness, joy and fear.  Did you ever notice that when you’re happy, you can feel it in your chest?! That’s pretty amazing!

What does it look like and what is it connected to?

The heart comes in all sizes, but our “real heart,” doesn’t look anything like the one on the front of your Valentine Day card!  Picture a small apple. That’s about the size and shape of it. The walls of the heart are made of really strong muscles that squeeze and relax to pump blood around the body. They do this 70 times a minute if you’re a child and 90 times a minute if you are an adult. The heart sits behind your ribs on the left side of your body, next to your sternum. It has four parts, the left ventricle, the right ventricle which are located at the bottom of the heart, and the left atrium, and the right atrium at the top. A muscle called the “septum” separates them.

How can we help our heart do its job?

The heart is always at work, even while you sleep. The best way to care for your heart is to avoid foods that have a lot of fat. Fatty foods such as french fries and cheeseburgers eaten every day will block the arteries, and your heart will have to work double time to pump the blood around your body. It’s like putting gigantic boats in a small running stream! Where can they go?!  The best foods to eat for your heart are plant based, such as vegetables and fruit. If you love meat,  eat lean proteins like organic lean meat, chicken and fish, but no more than a few times a week! Another way to keep your arteries clear is by drinking lots of water every day. Keep your heart muscle strong by exercising and spending less time sitting still. Take a break while watching TV, playing computer games or doing your homework. Time to get up and go for a bike ride! Think happy thoughts and enjoy your day!