Healthy hair doesn’t grow on trees! It grows on your head! The hair on your head protects your scalp and helps keep you warm. The hair on your eyelids, called “eye lashes,” help protect your eye from debris, dust and light. Above your lashes are your eyebrows. The Eyebrows are there to protect your eyes from sweat. Did you know that hair also covers your entire body! The reason you get goose bumps when it’s cold outside is because tiny muscles surrounding the hair follicle cause the hair to stand up, to trap more heat near the body.


Like our skin, Melanin determines the color of our hair. The lighter someone’s hair is the less melanin they have.  A person with brown or black hair has much more melanin than someone with blond or red hair. As people grow older, their Melanin slowly disappears over time, making their hair look grey or white. If you look closely you will also see that a person’s skin color goes with the color of his or her hair. Many blondes have light skin, whereas many people with darker skin have dark brown or black hair. Sometimes a kid’s hair color is determined by one or both parents’ hair color.


Tangled hair is a frustrating problem for many hair types, especially for those with long hair or curly hair! Caring for your hair is easy- breezy when you have a routine! When bathing or showering, always keep a wide tooth comb or pick handy. If you have long or short straight hair, wash it every other day with a gentle shampoo. After rinsing out the shampoo, follow with a light conditioner, then comb or pick through the tangles gently and rinse. If you have curly hair, wash it less often, follow the same routine and lightly comb through the conditioner while wet. For very thick, curly hair, shampoo with conditioner mixed with a little shampoo. If you follow this simple routine,  you will notice your hair will become less knotty and tangled. To keep your hair growing strong and shiny, eat lots of fruits and vegetables! A nutritious diet helps your body from the inside out!