Human Brain detailed anatomy. Vector Medical illustration.

The Hungriest Organ In Your Body!

Your Brain is the hungriest organ in your body.  It snatches every vitamin and nutrient from your food the minute you put it into your mouth and puts it to work feeding your memory, energy and memory. The brain has a awesome job and your body would not work without it. The mighty brain informs your body to move, and speeds your mind to go into action. Imagine a car with no gas. What happens? It can’t start and cannot move. Your body is no different.

On those days when you feel too tired to play in the playground or simply feel like you’re having a hard time paying attention in class, what you may be needing is more brain food! What is brain food you ask? Only the brightest colored plants, fruits and vegetables on the planet! You can eat them raw, cook them, bake them or use them to make delicious soups or smoothies.  Bright equals bright, right?  Eating bright makes you bright. Ah-a light just went on! What do you think is your brain’s favorite way of learning is? Playing! In the yard, games, card games, sports, acting, making music the list goes on and on. But in order to do any of these fun things you need to fuel your body.  A good way to begin would be to ask your parents to start buying healthier groceries so that you can get in your kitchen and make your own creations.

How about this?  If you REALLY want to get healthy, try starting your own garden!  Get a group of friends together, find a nice plot of land and create your own community garden. Foods like spinach, carrots and potatoes are easy to grow and just think of all the possibilities! Visit your local garden center. Once there, you may even find a Gardner who is willing to help you. Just think about all the good that can come from your garden, not only for your own good health but for others. Not only will you build your own community, you can serve your community by teaching other kids to eat healthy and how to create their own gardens.  You can also give nutritious food to those in need. Not only will you look and feel good on the outside but on the inside as well. Helping others is the best way to exercise your heart. As Hans Solo said, “Remember The Force Will Always Be With You!”