Did you know that your brain and your heart have their very own built in force fields? They’re called blood vessels!  Have you ever had an ice cream or drank a smoothie so fast that it made your head hurt? Well that is what is known as “Brain Freeze!” When the cold from the ice cream or smoothie touches the roof of your mouth the blood vessels move quickly to the spot to make the cold go away.  Blood vessels are like little submarines found throughout the body. There are five main types of blood vessels; arteries, arterioles, capillaries, venules and veins. The job of the arteries is to carry blood from the heart to other organs. They have thin- thin walls with elastic fibers which allow nutrients from the blood to pass into the body tissues. They’re like little miracle workers!


Blood vessels are part of a very important system known as the blood-brain barrier. They work very hard keeping toxic things from entering our brain such as bacteria, smoke and other dangerous substances all the while allowing healthy things that the brain needs to enter such as water, oxygen, and carbon dioxide! They’re like mini gate-keepers checking your ticket at the door to see if you have a seat at the show!


Eating small amounts of organic chocolate (preferably sugarless), helps to keep your heart and blood vessels healthy and also lowers the instance of heart disease and stroke risk! Hmmmm… just don’t go crazy! The most important thing to remember is to protect your blood vessels by not exposing them to smoke, which damages the lungs and causes scar tissue. Imagine a boat trying sail through mud! Keep your arteries in flow by eating plenty of oranges and other citrus fruits that contain vitamin C. Vitamin C  strengthens capillary walls and prevents that mud from  building up. I also heard a rumor that arteries love Sunflower Seeds and Cilantro! See you later – I think I hear sunflower seeds calling my name!

vector illustration of diagram of blood vessel